Window Systems for High-performance Buildings, provides critical information and performance data on the energy efficiency, interior environment, and technical considerations that drive window design decisions.


Window Systems for High-performance Buildings
John Carmody, Stephen Selkowitz, Eleanor Lee, Dariush Arasteh, and Todd Willmert
A sustainable design process is intended to produce high-performance buildings that are energy-efficient, healthy, economical in the long run, and use resources wisely to minimize the impact on the environment. Properly designed windows play an important role in achieving these energy and environmental goals and contribute to the comfort, satisfaction, and productivity of building occupants.

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Tips for Daylighting
Jennifer O'Connor, Eleanor Lee, Francis Rubinstein, and Stephen Selkowitz
These guidelines provide an integrated approach to the cost-effective design of perimeter zones in new commercial buildings. They function as a quick reference for designers through a set of easy steps and rules-of-thumb, emphasizing "how-to" practical details.

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Sun, Wind, and Light: Architectural Design Strategies
G.Z. Brown
Resource to understand the energy consequences and impacts of basic design decisions.


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