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Daylight Controls

Daylight (lighting) controls is an important variable affecting energy performance in a building. Daylight controls will have impacts on the building's heating, cooling, and lighting. Using daylighting controls can reduce energy consumption and peak demand up to 20%, depending on the climate, building type, orientation, and facade design.

Electric daylight controls:

  • help to reduce the amount of electricity demand by dimming or turning off lights when they are not needed—either by unoccupied spaces or adequate daylight to illuminate the space;
  • help to reduce internal heat gains (due to lights being off when not needed) which reduces the cooling loads allowing for downsized HVAC systems;
  • extend the life of the lamps and ballasts;
  • allow occupants to control light levels.

Going to put an illustration of this using the compare method of the FDT when complete.


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